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YouTube KIDS - Not Parent Approved

Disclaimer:  I'm a parent writing this for other parents simply because I care about our kids. That is it. I don't get advertising money, I'm not sponsored, and the only motivation I have is to help other parents be informed about how technology is impacting our kids. Maybe someday I'll look into how to get paid to write; but today isn't that day. For now -- I simply just want to help other parents be better educated about some of the risks involved in letting your kids have unfettered access to technology -- specifically to YouTube Kids. When I first saw the app YouTube KIDS, I thought it was great. Content that I could trust was only showing my kids appropriate and kid-friendly stuff? Yes please! It took years to find out that I was wrong to trust an app -- and if you haven't realized that yet, maybe this will help you understand why you should. The following are some examples of what I found (all within two hours) by using the search term "Minnie and Mic

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